SAT 2019 Exams Dates

March 9th

May 4th

June 1st

ACT 2018 Exam Dates                

February 9th                                          
April 13th                                                  
June 8th                                              
July 13th                                            


**Colorado public high school students will take a state-administered SAT in April.

Next Level Prep offers two options to prepare your student for SAT or ACT exams.

1.  Individual Tutoring Sessions with a SAT/ACT Tutor - $90/hr

Preparing for the SAT and/or ACT is a large task that can be simplified by having a private tutor work with your student individually.  Meet with one of our SAT/ACT tutors one-on-one in 60 minute sessions for a completely personalized experience. Our private tutoring sessions offer opportunities for students to gain personal instruction and increase their confidence on improving their scores. All tutoring sessions are scheduled online so students can fit tutoring in at their convenience.

2.  Small group SAT and ACT Prep Courses - $600

Our SAT and ACT Prep classes have been carefully designed to prepare each student to do their best on the SAT or ACT.  Our prep classes raise test scores, help students gain admission to selective school, and save parents thousands of dollars with scholarship opportunities. We offer classroom instruction for every national SAT/ACT test date. Each week, a small group of students will meet together with our incredibly talented tutors to prepare for the tests in a structured, non-electronic setting. Each of the six weeks is intricately designed to cover all subject areas as well as strategies for test success.Each of our six week courses include two hours of instruction for six consecutive Monday nights.

Here is our sample itinerary for Class 1:

  • Introductions, Icebreaker and return Pre-Tests

  • English - Sentence Structure, Parts of Speech- 20 minutes

  • Math - Pre-Algebra - Number Theory, Percentages, Ratios & Proportions, Unit Conversions, Interpreting Data/Graphs, Probability - 45 minutes

  • Reading - Test format, strategy, Types of Questions, Sample Passage - 30 min

  • Science - General Strategies - 10 minutes

  • Closure - Distribute Homework - Practice Test, Kahn Academy, and Study Rules


All classes and tutoring sessions are held at:
Next Level Prep Classroom inside Stanley Marketplace
2501 Dallas Street, Suite 273
Aurora, CO 80010