College Coaching Services

Next Level Prep offers two college coaching services.

1.  Individual Tutoring Sessions with a College Admissions Coach - $90/hr

Preparing for the college admission process is a large task that can be simplified by having a private college coach to walk your student through the process.  Meet with our college coach one-on-one in 60 minute sessions for a completely personalized planning experience.

Here is a sample six week College Coaching individual tutoring sessions we could set-up.  Each session is designed to walk your high school student (and parent if you wish!) through the entire college admission process. Each week we can cover a different topic relevant to the college admission search.

Week One – Preliminary student assessment, Review students’ high school course selections, Transcript evaluation and PSAT scores, Organizing college information, College selection process,  College fairs, College admissions officers visits at your high school

Week Two- Narrowing the choices, Developing the comparison spreadsheet, WUE, Ten schools to apply to, Early Action vs. Early Decision, The Common Application, The Coalition Application

Week Three - Submitting college applications, SAT/ACT Exams and Prep, Community service, Letters of recommendation, and the College essay

Week  Four – Campus Visits and College interviews – Sample questions, Mock interviews, Scholarship searches

Week Five –Financial aid, FAFSA, CSS Profile, Comparing Admission offers, Deferral and Waitlist support

Week Six – Comparing aid and merit offers , Student Aid Reports (SARS), Financial aid award letters, Financial aid appeal letters, National Response  Deadline – May 1


2.  2-Day College Admission Workshops - $250

Workshops meet 2 nights from 6:30-8:30 pm.

Workshop One - Essay Writing - Draft a unique and authentic college essay. 

  • Review of Excellent Sample Essays

  • Finding Your Story

  • How to Bring Your Essay to Life

  • How to Structure Your Essay

  • Writing the First Draft (Homework)

  • How to Revise Your Essay

  • How to Make Sure Your Essay is Doing Its Job

Workshop Two - College Applications & Resumes - Prepare for the college application process. 

  • How to Organize Your Applications

  • How to Fill out the Applications

  • Organizing your Resume/List of Activities

  • Creating the First Draft of your Resume (Homework)

  • Following up on Application Materials

Comprehensive Services Next Level Prep College Coaching can provide

  • Parent hopes and expectations

  • Course selection and transcript development

  • Standardized testing plans

  • Extracurricular activities and getting the most out of high school

  • Managing teacher and counselor recommendations

  • Evaluating colleges with extensive research

  • List development with best academic, social, and financial fits

  • College visits

  • Understanding the financial aid process and merit awards

  • Evaluating potential for need-based and merit awards

  • Understanding what specific colleges seek

  • Detailed organization of all application requirements and deadlines

  • Creating compelling applications

  • Activities list development

  • Admission plans (early decision, early action etc.)

  • Essay brainstorming and editing

  • Interviewing skills

  • Presenting diversity, legacy, and talent

  • Applying as an athlete, artist, dancer, actor

  • Deferral and waitlist support

  • Final school decisions